Patient Rights Policy

Patient Rights Policy

Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

A Patient has the right to:

  • Receive all necessary dental care that is available from our office or receive a referral to another provider.
  • Considerate, courteous, quality care with respect for personal privacy and human dignity.
  • Information concerning his/her diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis (i.e., clear concise communication from our staff, access to his/her medical records in compliance with the law).
  • Involvement In the decision-making concerning his/her treatment (i.e., giving informed consent prior to treatment, right to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law).
  • Confidentiality of information concerning one’s treatment.
  • File a grievance and be given due process.


A Patient has the responsibility to:

  • Comply with prescribed dental instructions from our office.
  • Provide accurate past and present information to our office.
  • Keep appointments for care and give required 48 hours’ notice to our office when canceling appointments.
  • Maintain his/her health and participate in the decisions concerning treatment.
  • Ask questions of the provider if he/she doesn’t understand.
  • Make payments due for services received according to established terms.
  • Inform his/her provider about any living will; medical power of attorney, and or other directive that could affect his/her care.

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What Our Patients Say

  • Hello, I just wanted to give a big shout out to Dr. Suarez, my oral surgeon. If you need any dental surgery, I highly recommend him and his team. They were super friendly and explained everything in a way that was easy for me to understand. I'm healing up nicely - so much so that I was able to chant LIGHT THE BEAM the day after my surgery. (Sorry, Dr. Suarez!)

  • From start to finish, the entire staff here made me feel welcome and eased my horrible nerves throughout the process of getting my wisdom teeth removed. They even saw me early! It was such a breeze I truly wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Thank you all so much!

  • Just got my wisdom teeth removed today by Dr. Sarah Kuo. She was very kind and answered all my questions I had. I was quite nervous at first, but she made me feel so much better! The staffs are amazing as well! Overall, wonderful experience!! Thank you so much! I highly recommend this facility !! :)

  • I am very impressed with my whole experience at Sacramento Oral Surgery. They got me a consultation/wisdom teeth removal surgery within two days of me calling. The front desk lady was very friendly and professional with each phone call and when I arrived at the office. The lady that did my X-ray was very nice as well, and Dr. Fouladi was amazing as well. Very impressed with everything about my visit and surgery, from the staff to my recovery. I will definitely be recommending to everyone.

  • I had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted at Sacramento Oral Surgery, my dentist highly recommended Dr. Kuo and I’m glad that he did. The process was so easy, consultation was same day. The entire staff was so professional, helpful, and throughough. I felt so comfortable and so informed. Couldn’t have had an easier process!


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